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Speak Truth. Break Barriers.

Join us as we explore the societal and economic structures that hold women back from using their voice, and speaking their truth. It is past time we come together to tear down the walls holding us back, and hold space for each other's stories.

Host Jasmine Partida speaks with women leaders about what holds women back, what walls do they consistently see women hit, and what are ways we can come together and breakthrough. Join Jasmine as she explores, inspires, and empowers women to find their voice and speak their truth.

Apr 4, 2020

Welcome in.

This is a mini-episode to introduce myself and the podcast to you, I am only including a quick overview here. This podcast will dig deep, ask the hard questions, and speak the hard truths as we come together to pull apart the structures, the struggles, the fears, that hold us back as women. 

What would happen if we all spoke up at once?
I'm your host, Jasmine Partida.

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