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Speak Truth. Break Barriers.

Join us as we explore the societal and economic structures that hold women back from using their voice, and speaking their truth. It is past time we come together to tear down the walls holding us back, and hold space for each other's stories.

Host Jasmine Partida speaks with women leaders about what holds women back, what walls do they consistently see women hit, and what are ways we can come together and breakthrough. Join Jasmine as she explores, inspires, and empowers women to find their voice and speak their truth.

May 2, 2020

Julie Neale is a life and leadership coach, community builder, writer, and mom to two high energy boys who challenge her to grow into her best self. Motherhood transformed her and set her on a course to live a truly E.P.I.C. life. Now, as the founder of Mother’s Quest, Julie is also on a mission to use her gifts to help moms live theirs.

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Julie Neale is on a mission to live a truly E.P.I.C. life and, through her example, inspire her children to do the same.

Her “for-purpose” venture, Mother’s Quest, provides inspiration, coaching, and relationship-building so that mothers, and those who work with young people, can connect to support and resources, fulfill their unique purpose, and live their E.P.I.C. lives.

After a 20-year career as a leader in youth-serving non-profit organizations, Julie turned her focus to coaching, training at the Coaches Training Institute, and facilitating a process known as “reflection” for youth development professionals.

Through this and her parenting experience, she realized that mothers need an opportunity to reflect on their own growth, dreams, and plans and created Mother’s Quest to champion them.

With calm and care, Julie taps into her own curiosity and intuition, to help her clients slow down from the busyness of life and work, reflect on what matters, clarify a future vision, and move into action.

Julie writes about the transformative experience of parenting in her own life at and in the Mother’s Quest Facebook community. She hosts the Mother’s Quest Podcast, which launched in December 2016 and recently released its 59th episode in season four that began in April 2019. She brings the same curiosity and presence she taps into with her coaching clients to empowering conversations with her podcast guests.

In the fall of 2017, Julie founded the Women Podcasters in Solidarity Initiative, to raise awareness and dollars for social justice issues through the power of podcasting. The first season focused on anti-racism and police accountability. The episodes of those who contributed, including three from Mother’s Quest, can be found at A fall 2018 season focused on gun safety culminated with an episode with Sybrina Fulton.

Julie received her Masters in City Planning, Community Development from UC Berkeley, and a BA in Communication Studies from UCLA, where she met her husband. She currently lives with her husband and two boys in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When she’s not wrestling with her first-grader or driving her teen to basketball practice, you can find her squeezing in ten minutes of yoga and meditation (believing something is better than nothing!) and staying up way too late to watch Handmaid’s Tale and Super Soul Sunday.


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